Did you play a football pool ticket in an SNAI center just before returning from holidays which turned out to be a winner and now that you are at home you cannot go and collect the prize in the same betting shop where you bet? If so, surely you are wondering if Snai winnings can be collected anywhere and not just at the point where the bet was made.


Until a few years ago, this possibility was almost non-existent. For this reason, when it came to small sums, no one came back to collect them: the expense for the trip, especially if the betting center is very far from home, cost much more than the winnings itself. Only in case of big winnings did one take the trouble to go and collect them.


Today, however, it is much easier to collect your prize and in this article we will see how to do it and in which cases it is possible to collect them anywhere.


The way to collect varies a lot based on where one bets.

It is the simplest method and the one electronically, or a line by betting directly on the Snai website : the winnings are thus received directly on your account and can be easily collected by crediting your current account, card or ATM.


There are still many, however, who prefer to play in betting agencies and physical centers where there are pre-filled cards, advice and you can follow the results and odds on different televisions. In these cases the prizes can be collected at the agency where one has created and played the football pool ticket. It was enough to present the paper receipt within 90 days of obtaining the win.


Today, however, a ticket can also be created in a bookshop, tobacconist’s bar and even in small shops that have the appropriate terminals. In these cases, however, you must go directly to the dealer or to a related agency, or the provider of the betting service. In terms of timing, the same 90-day rule applies.


The law speaks quite clearly, but not everyone follows it, you can consult the decree here . Things change according to the winning amount:

Up to € 3,000, it is not possible to go to any point of sale connected to the same concessionaire on which it was played with a receipt of participation, this also applies to Snai.


For winnings exceeding € 3000, however, Sonia go to the payment point of the prizes set up by the dealer himself. Here the receipt will be checked and you will be asked how you want to receive the prize, whether by crediting your bank account, a cashier’s check, or in cash.


This is true, however, for football pools and totogol, not for horse racing. Here things change when you want to withdraw a win under € 3000: if you play at a point of sale, they can always collect your winnings at any agency. When instead you aim for the racecourse, we could agency, you have to go to the same place where the bet was made.


As you can see, betting in the agency on its strengths and weaknesses. Even in authorized Snai centers there could be problems with collection: each has a different manager and they are not always very helpful.


For this reason, people often prefer to place their bets online on Snai.it , so that any winnings can be collected almost immediately, directly into their account or in another way.

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