Gambling continues to grow and discover new frontiers and online casinos are evolving. Having invaded the mobile world, one area that many operators are increasingly betting on is live casino games that are growing at an ever faster rate.


Also called live play, this type of table is able to narrow the difference between a virtual casino and a real one to levels never seen before. Precisely for this reason there is an ever-growing struggle to have the widest offer and be able to attract more players.


Not all titles, however, are so successful: some are, in fact, loved by players, others, forgotten very quickly. In this article we will see which ones are the most loved and sought after by players, as well as which ones we prefer, with lots of motivation as to why we chose these games and which casino is best to try them.


Probably, by now, everyone knows what we are talking about, but for those new to this world it may still be an unknown or not very clear typology. Live casinos were born to make online gaming much more like playing in a real-life casino, with the hope of attracting those players looking for more realism.


In a live casino game the operator broadcasts the tables live and the player can bet comfortably from their computer. Although they did not start very well at first, very limited by technologies and the slow internet, today, these two problems are now a thing of the past, they are taking over.


The smartphone game is developing more and more but live casinos have had several difficulties in landing on mobile. The problem has always been, in fact, the connectivity and speed of the network. Thanks to 4G, and subsequently to LTE and 5G connectivity, however, streaming of games from the casino live on the phone has become possible and this big obstacle is easily overcome.


Furthermore, if you use the dedicated apps, there are special functions created specifically to improve the game on the phone and make the gameplay more intuitive and simple. This is why more and more players try to play live even from mobile


Unlike the slots that are now present in huge quantities at any casino, since live games have only recently developed, not all operators are able to offer such a wide choice.


Although now all operators offer great classics such as black Jack roulette, in fact, there are few who offer a good choice of their variants and especially games shows such as the wheel of fortune, buffalo blitz live and the like.


Those looking for and wanting to play in the best live casinos must therefore make a well-studied choice and not register at the first casino that happens.

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